Our speakers

Who are they?

Here you can find the list of native speakers that helped us to create a specific language version.


If you want to become a speaker for another new language that is not listed in the current version, please write at info@visualreading.org.


Mgr. Art. Eliška Vávrová

Czech voice

She is the marketing manager of a multinational corporation. In private, the singer of her dad's band.


Scott Elborn

British English vioce

An English teacher with over twenty years of experience in the field. He enjoys playing the guitar and spending time with his children.


Mag. iur Daniela Sojková
Austrian German voice

A professional lawyer with a passion for teaching languages. Multilanguage personality with a proper Austrian accent.


Lucas Gurgel
Brazilian Portugese voice

Musician and intrapreneur. Innovation and creativity enthusiast. He loves philosophy, surfing, and metal music.


Mgr. Mónica Sanchez, PhD.
Spanish voice

Experienced professional teacher at Comenius University in Bratislava. She works at the Department of Romance Languages.


Mike Harbottle
Scottish English voice

Professional English teacher, the real Scotsman. He loves football, tennis, and his guitar. Favorite coffee - cappuccino.

Bea Melecsky.jpg

Bea Melecsky
Hungarian voice

Moderator, editor, and cinematographer of local television in Svodín. She loves anything that touches the culture. Translates from Slovak to Hungarian.


Ing. Dušan Baranec
Slovak voice

Visual Reading founder and manager. Former squash player. Loves the voice of trees and people with common sense.


Łukasz Mrzygłód
Polish voice

Translator and interpreter of the Czech and Croatian languages, guitarist, songwriter and lover of new technologies. In his free time, he runs and rides a bike.


Linda M. Steyne
American English voice

An English teacher who loves seeing her students grow and succeed.